What is gkSDR ? “yet another SDR software”. Initially released (last year) in french only, it is now available for english speakers.

Some of the features were developped with portable traffic in mind, like :

  1. Dual receiver software, to listen to two frequencies simultaneously, for example listen to beacon while calling CQ,
  2. Automatic scanning mode over the received band, with strongest stations report (to be sure not to miss the 3cm call while rotating your dish…)
  3. Replay mode for 2 or 5 seconds, when you missed your contact call (or uner high QRM conditions, rain scatter),
  4. See where you are on the map (if you have a gps), see terrain elevation,
  5. Embedded ADSB decoder (requires second SDR receiver), plots planes on the map while QSOing, good for plane scatter experiments,
  6. many more… check the software or look at screen shots below


 Supported hardware

As of version 0.18, the following hardware is supported :

gkSDR Supported hardware

  • Perseus SDR,
  • BladeRF (both FPGA sizes, HF upconverter not directly managed),
  • SDRPlay under work,
  • FUNCube / FUNCube pro,
  • All RTL-SDR dongles, including E4000, 820, 820T2 etc.
  • AirSpy with 2.5 or 10 MHz bandwidth,
  • HackRF and clones.

Want a specific driver for your own hardware ? Contact me !

Download / Install

  1. Windows 32 Bits XP/7/8/10 : Download setup and follow instructions
  2. Windows 64 Bits 7/8/10 – For Intel CPU ONLY : Download setup and follow instructions -