gkSDR 0.17 Available for download

Windows 64 bits edition


Latest release of gkSDR is now available with Drivers for the following hardware :

  • RTL SDR dongles,
  • BladeRF from Nuand,
  • AirSpy
  • HackRF
  • SigFOX
  • Perseus SDR

Currently documentation in PDF is only available in french. Feel free to contact me in case you need help !

Donwload here : http://sdr.f4gkr.org/download/gkSDR64_Install.exe (Qt installator, requires internet connection for Download). If you have already installed previous release, just look for “maintenancetool.exe” in program folder and go for update.

gkSDR has unique features, like :

  • Dual receiver
  • Integrated map
  • Dual hardware support for ADSB monitoring
  • Measurement mode to record a narrow band for matlab processing
  • MP3 recording with dual-receiver support
  • XMLRPC support for remote operation
  • GPS Support for time and position
  • Automatic download of HF Broadcast programs



Some translations may be missing, please do not hesitate to contact me !

Drop me a mail : sylvain<dot>azarian<at>gmail<dot>com