UAV+JetsonK1+BladeRF = FlyingSDR

Originally started as a project with my students, I finally decided to go back to put a SDR on a UAV.
The goal here is to do some propagation measurements, by recording received RF signals at different altitudes and use the video link (FPV) to see the user interface from the ground, while storing the collected samples onboard on a SSD.
Main issue : keep it light, working at low power.

Currently under work, no antenna yet, but here are the ingredients :

  1. DJI Matrice 100 UAV
  2. One Jetson K1 (GPU + Arm + Linux),
  3. bladeRF SDR
  4. SSD for data storage
  5. HDMI video encoder to have the display on the ground
  6. Feedback from UAV IMU to have position and altitude
  7. DC-DC converter to get 12V from the DJI Matrice 100 25-30V

Current status :

Flying SDR

Lots of cables…

Flying SDR
(512 Go SSD finally replaced by 64Go.. this one needs only 120 mA instead of 1 A)

Flying SDR


Flying SDR

First flights soon !